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RenuSpa iO Royale Package

RenuSpa iO Royale Package

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Discover the perfect solution for targeting those stubborn areas of your body that you've always wanted to tone and firm more effectively! Our latest device from NuSkin is designed to tackle those tough spots, helping you achieve the body you've always dreamed of with ease and confidence. Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to the transformation you deserve!


Nu Skin RenuSpa iO delivers more of the benefits every body needs to feel their best. It’s the integrated wellness and beauty device that gives you confidence as real as your results.

Say hello to a self-care win with the power of Nu Skin RenuSpa iO—our first fully integrated wellness and beauty system. The exclusive design features Adaptive Microcurrent Technology that comfortably adjusts to your skin in real time, plus an IoT-connected app, and perfectly paired Nu Skin® Conductive Gel keep you meeting and exceeding your goals.

Unleash the freedom to feel whole again with Nu Skin RenuSpa iO.


Through skin stimulation, helps:
• Depuff the skin’s appearance.
• The skin feel energized.
• Provide a spa-like experience to lift mood, improve overall feelings of wellbeing, and help you look and feel better.

Through skin stimulation, helps:
• Visibly contour and reduces the appearance of dimples for a smoother, radiant look.
• Visibly tone and sculpt.
• Visibly firm and tighten for a more youthful appearance.

• Helps your body to feel refreshed and relaxed.
• Provides a smooth, comfortable massage while contributing to skin stimulation.

• The surface topography and current provide a smooth, comfortable experience, while contributing to skin stimulation.
• The patent-pending Adaptive Microcurrent Technology continuously and comfortably adjusts to your skin in real time—for an optimized, just-for-you treatment, every time.
• The smooth, soft silicone sleeve makes cleaning simple and minimizes mess.

Forty-two subjects between 25–65 years of age were recruited to complete a Nu Skin RenuSpa iO regimen for 12 weeks. The subjects used the RenuSpa iO device with Nu Skin Conductive Gel five times a week for five minutes per area (e.g., back of upper arm, back of upper thigh (buttocks), and abdomen). To assess visible skin depuffing, toning, and sculpting, thigh and arm circumferences were taken at baseline and weeks 2, 4, 8, and 12. Statistically significant reductions were noted throughout the 12 weeks of the study.

Comparing use after 12 weeks to baseline, statistically relevant data shows the ability of the Nu Skin RenuSpa iO device, through skin stimulation, to visibly tone, hydrate, and reduce the appearance of dimpled skin on the upper thigh and
Subjects also noted improvements in their skin’s appearance within the following attributes for each area:
• Firmness
• Smoothness
• Contour


• Nu Skin® RenuSpa iO™

• Nu Skin® RenuSpa iO™ Wireless Charger

• 2 year Warranty 

• Conductive Gel

• Dermatic Effects Serum

• Dermatic Effects Polish

• Dermatic Effects Contouring Lotion

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