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ProBio PCC

ProBio PCC

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The digestive system is your body’s first line of defense against unwanted organisms consumed with food. An important component of your digestive defense system is friendly
bacteria that aid digestion and enhance your body’s own
digestive immune response. As we encounter challenges to our digestive system we can severely disturb the delicate
balance of our body’s intestinal flora, which can cause
occasional gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort. Fortunately, a healthy balance of intestinal flora can be supported through
the consumption of food or food supplement products that
contain friendly live bacteria cultures commonly referred to as probiotics.

Pharmanex’s unique strain of Lactobacillus has shown an
extraordinary resilience to the growth of undesirable organisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Clinical research shows an
increase in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive
tract after the introduction of this particular bacteria strain. Its ability to survive passage through the harsh environment of the stomach, its ability to colonize and act as a “friendly tenant,” and its resilient and stable nature make ProBio PCC superior to many other probiotic products.


Clinically proven to encourage the proliferation of healthy “live” probiotic bacteria in the lower digestive tract, acting as a resilient and stable territorial colonizer
Supports a protective immune response

ProBio PCC is intended for individuals who experience occasional gastrointestinal discomfort. Individuals who travel frequently should benefit from this product.

There are 400 million different bacterial species in our bodies.
70% of the human immune system is localized in the digestive tract.
20 to 50% of travelers (approximately 10 million) develop gastrointestinal discomfort each year.
Humans have about ten times more bacteria than cells.
Because a large percentage of the human immune system is localized in the digestive tract, providing the body with the right kind of friendly bacteria does indeed play an important role in immune health.

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