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Bronzing Pearls

Bronzing Pearls

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Add a little color to your complexion. Featuring silky, pearlized powder spheres in a blend of five different shades, Nu Colour Bronzing Pearls are the perfect touch for any complexion. Brush on face to add a hint of sun-kissed radiance for a healthy, vibrant glow.

How To Use Nu Colour Bronzing Pearls

Use a large powder brush or sponge and glide it over the bronzing pearls (tap brush on side of container to remove excess powder). With swift, even strokes, lightly sweep Nu Colour Bronzing Pearls across the forehead, then down the cheeks, nose, chin, and neck to achieve a total sun-kissed glow, or dust Bronzing Pearls on cheeks alone for a warm blushed look.

Key Features and Benefits

Nu Colour Bronzing Pearls add bronze and sun-kissed color to complexions for a healthy, radiant look. No sun required! This unique blend of five shades works well for all skin tones.

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