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ageLOC PowerMask

ageLOC PowerMask

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Give your skin a powerful hydration boost with ageLOC PowerMask. This intense facial treatment harnesses the power of ageLOC ingredients to deliver nourishing hydration through a luxurious, natural biocellulose mask. The results? Instantly refreshed, plumped, visibly renewed skin. Quench your skin’s thirst with this hydrating mask infused with an exclusive ageLOC blend and moisture particles to deliver intense nourishment to your skin. Within minutes, your skin will be visibly transformed with renewed radiance.

Instant treatment that delivers a blend of moisture particles for intense hydration.
Instantly nourishes and plumps, giving skin a youthful bounce.
Increases skin radiance for a brighter, more even complexion.
Supports softer, smoother-looking skin.
Nourishes and hydrates tired or stressed skin for a healthy, well-rested appearance.
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Biocellulose mask fits snugly and acts as a “second skin” to deliver excellent levels of hydration.

Skin Hydration Blend—a blend of hyaluronic acid, trehalose, and other ingredients that provides skin hydration and conditioning benefits.
Skin Conditioning Blend—a blend of althaea rosea flower extract, allantoin, adenosine, panthenol, L-arginine, and caffeine to provide skin-conditioning support.
ageLOC Blend—targets the sources of aging to preserve the look of youth.

1. Begin with clean skin. Delicately unfold the mask and remove the mesh lining on one side.
2. Apply the mask to your face, with the unlined side on your skin. Remove the mesh lining on the other side and adjust the mask to your face.
3. Relax and leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes for a deep conditioning and soothing treatment.
4. Remove the mask, massage the remaining product into your skin, and follow with your regular skin care regimen.

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